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By watching football games on television the little boy himself with all the big names of this sport.

a. acquainted b. informed c. learned d. notified

2. Despite his expensive dress and impeccable behavior a slight accent ­­ his humble origin as a native of the slum.

a. discovered b. told c. betrayed d. showed

3. The attorney produced evidence to prove to the court that the destruction of the document was not an accident as the defendant claimed but was a (n) ­­ act.

a. willful b. intentional c. voluntary d. willing

4. After he published his new thesis about the identity of the author of A Dream in the Red Chamber, a heated discussion ­­ in the press.

a. succeeded b. pursued c. ensued d. issued

5. The general manager finally ­­ the search team one more month to finish their work.

a. awarded b. conceded c. accorded d. grant

6. In the midnight the dam gave in and a ­­ torrent burst down, wiping out all the villages along its way.

a. stupendous b. prodigious c. marvelous d. wondrous

7. He would idle about for the whole summer vacation and then do all the homework at a single ­­ .

a. hit b. blow c. beat d. strike

8. When there are a large number of on-lookers around these guys are ­­ to violent scuffles.

a. likely b. prone c. easy d. near

9. The success of the moon expedition owed much to the great advances in the technology of ­­ control.

a. remote b. faraway c. removed d. far-off

10. Jimmy is very ­­ on the latest computer gadgets; all his money and time are spent on them.

a. eager b. avid c. anxious d. keen


  1. a

acquaint yourself with sth意思是“熟悉某事,了解某事”。

2. c

这里的betray并不是“背叛”的意思,而是表示“暴露不易发觉的东西或真实的情况”;此外,它还可以表示“流露(想掩饰的情感)”,比如:His voice betrayed his nervousness.他的声音暴露了他的紧张。

3. b

intentional act是法律术语,意思是“故意行为”。

4. c

后半句的意思是“随即在媒体中引发了热烈的讨论”,所以应该选择ensue。A Dream in the Red Chamber意思为《红楼梦》。

5. c


6. a

stupendous torrent意思为“巨大的洪流”。

7. b

at a single blow意思为“一举/一口气完成某事”,相当于at one blow。

8. b

be prone to意思为“容易/易于(受到…的影响)”。

9. a

remote control为固定搭配,意思为“遥控”。

10. d

be keen on意思为“喜爱;热衷于…”。



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