Directions: Read the text below. Write an essay in about 120 words, in, which you should summarize the key points of the text and make comments on them. Try to use you own words. Media coverage of "leftover men and women" has been widespread in China over the years, raising concerns over this increasingly serious social problem. New phrases like "leftover girls" and "leftover boys" are entering the modem lexicon, referring to women and men in their late 20sor early 30s who are still single. A new report released by China's top health authority has once again highlighted the issue. According to a survey, 21.6% of the leftover men and women are subject to long-term pressures from the society and themselves. According to the report, China's "leftover" men and women, as unmarried denizens aged over 30 or so are charmingly called, face significant health risks. The Report on Chinese Family Development 2015 was released by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, who conducted a survey of almost 32,500 households. The result shows that against the backdrop of population migration and big differences between urban and rural areas, unmarried men of all ages are largely limited to the countryside, while unmarried women are concentrated in urban areas. The report also reveals the trend that an increasing number of men marry women much younger than they are, and that they prefer women in rural areas. This is because it is difficult to find a spouse of their age or in their cities. In some impoverished areas, two percent of the men over 50years old are still single. Interestingly, statistics also show that the number of single women in cities who are over 30 is much higher than that in the countryside, because the former group is usually well-educated, more financially independent, and prefers career development to marriage.

参考答案:     There has been a wide concern about the issue of "leftover men and women" in China, which has become a serious social problem. Over quarter of the left over men and women are under great pressure from outside.
    The research shows that there is a big difference between the cities and countries concerning to the leftover men and women. Most single men reside in the rural areas. Meanwhile, urban regions account for the large amount of single women.
    The reason for this phenomenon is that women who work and live in the big cities are well-educated and have high salary, thus, they would rather to put more attention on their careers rather than on their relationships with men.
In my opinion, society should not give too much pressure to leftover men and women for marriage is a personal affair and others should not give comments to it. ~ As the saying goes :"A man who drank it knows whether the water was cold or warm. " If they meet their spouse, I think they will get married soon.
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