Nowadays there is a heated discussion on whether education should enter the market or not . Which side will you take ? Write a composition entitled Education and the Market to tell the reader your point of view. You should write about 120 wards and base your composition on the following outline: Education and the Market1 . the relationship between education and the market2 . possible reason( s) for education to ( not to) enter the market3 . the conclusion

参考答案: Education and the Market
    With the development of market economy in China , education is attached more closely to the market . Whether we like it or not, education has inevitably entered the market . People pay for their education . Education begins to serve the market and the latter supports the former.
    The reason for education to enter the market is obvious . As a developing country, China is unlikely to invest a lot in education in the near future . Education has to turn to the market to find its own way . It is important to note that teachers’ way of production is to teach and train students . The students’ knowledge is an invisible product . In addition, teachers’ services to students and society are valuable . So education has to follow the law of value to realize the aim that students pay for their education.
    Education is an independent industry, an indispensable link between students and the talent market . Since science and technology and talented people can enter the market, it is natural for education to enter the market.
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