For this part you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay about the importance of communication by referring to the saying "Communication is the key to personal and career success." You can give examples to illustrate your point and then explain what you can do to improve your communication abilities. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

参考答案: The Importance of Communication
   As is known to all, communication ability has long been regarded as one of our basic skills. And especially in the age of information explosion, communication becomes increasingly important to exchange thoughts, convey information and eliminate contradictions in both personal and career success.
   For one thing, communication is necessary for individual's advancement. With the development of Internet and the information explosion, the world has become so diversiform and intricate that it is difficult for individuals to acquire sufficient information with their limited capacities.It is communication with others that makes it easier for individuals to increase knowledge, acquire information, broaden horizons and make personal progress. For another, good communication is the key to career success. Contemporary business and affairs depend much on teamwork and cooperation, so good communication is needed to help corporations and countries to convey ideas and eliminate disputes so that the win-win prospect can be achieved.
   In view of the importance above, we must learn to listen to others and express our ideas properly. And for corporations and countries, good communication channels such as dialogues should be built. Only by good communications can a harmonious world be made!
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