For this part , your are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay explaining why it is unwise to judge a person by their appearance. You can give explain to illustrate your point .You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words .

参考答案: It is Unwise to Judge a Person by Their Appearance

   It is a truth universally acknowledged that the criteria of judging a person are extremely complex.Various as the standards might be, judging a person by apperance is the most unreliable one. As a famous saying goes, it is unwise to judge a person by their appearance. This proverb aims to deliver the message that in order to truly know a person, we need to go beyond their looks and dresses and focus on more profound aspects.
  There are several reasons supportive of this statement. Firstly, people are so diverse that some of them are not willing to demonstrate themeselves by their apperance because they may dedicate more time to their work and their hobbies. Moreover, it is too busy for the modern urban people to maintain their appearance. If we judge a person by their appearance when he or she is in a bad state, we might lose a possible good friend or an opportunity. For instance, yesterday the dean of our department, on his way to the teaching building for an emergent meeting with an important investor, fell to the ground and got very dirty. But the new security, taking him for a beggar or a vendor, didn’t allow the dean to enter the building. Finally, the security was fired for his arbitrary judgment.
  To conclude, judging a person by their appearance is highly undependable. Therefore, we’d better draw a conclusion about a person through a long period of observations, interactions, and communication.