Directions:You will hear 10 short dialogues. For each dialogue, there is one question and four possible answers. Choose the correct answer A,B, C or D and mark it in your test booklet. You will have 15 seconds to answer the question and you will hear each dialogue only once.

1.[单选题]Where are the speakers?
  • A.At a party.
  • a cinema
  • C.At a restaurant.
  • D.At a bus station.
2.[单选题]What do wc learn about Mary?
  • A.She is not interested in shopping
  • B.She is not free for housework.
  • C.She is too busy to go shopping.
  • D.She is interested in office work.
3.[单选题]What do we learn about David?
  • A.He lost his job last week.
  • B.He is working wiih Mary.
  • C.He has been ill for a year.
  • D.He earns less than before.
4.[单选题]What are the speakers talking about
  • A.How lo manage people.
  • B.Their departmental work.
  • C.How to avoid getting fired.
  • D.Their incompetent manager.
5.[单选题]Why does the woman cat out at noon?
  • A.To keep fit.
  • B.To save lime.
  • C.To save money.
  • D.To make friends.
6.[单选题]What do we learn about the man?
  • A.He wants to rent an apartment.
  • B.He plans to leave his company.
  • C.He has found a job in London. What is the man
  • D.He will inquire for the woman.
7.[单选题]What do wc Icam about the man?
  • A.He prefers fact-hascd reports.
  • B.He spends a lot of lime online.
  • C.He enjoys exciting things in life.
  • D.He puls much blame on technology.
8.[单选题]What is the man going to do?
  • A.Go out with Nick.
  • B.Eat out with Linda.
  • C.Meet with a client.
  • D.Discuss work with Mary.
9.[单选题]What is the man?
  • A.He is a judge.
  • B.He is a lawyer
  • C.He is a teacher.
  • D.He is a researcher
10.[单选题]What docs the woman think of the texts?
  • A.They are too long.
  • B.They read poorly.
  • C.They suit beginners.
  • D.They are interesting.
参考答案: B,A,D,D,C,A,B,D,B,D