Read the following two texts. Answer the questions on each text by choosing A, B, C or D.Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.
Text 1
    Five-year-old Elia arrived at school with a big box of colored pencils. Her friend, Anna, offeted to exchange her set of markers for the brand-new pencils. Elia agreed, but soon discovered that the markers were dried up. "That's not fair!" cried Elia to her teacher. “I want my new pencils back.”  After some tears and negotiation, the teacher helped the girls set things right by returning the items to their original owners.
    Later that day, at story time, the teacher shared the picture book classic A Bargain for Frances. Though the conflict in the story is just over a broken tea set, the message about fair play was not lost on the children. The book was helpful in exploring a small, yet significant, life lesson. Stories are vital to the way we process and experience life events and the feelings that surround us. The ability to create, share, and respond to stories is one of the vital characteristics of being human. In fact, the human brain is programmed to see patterns and become fascinated in the plot development of stories, finally storing them in long-term memory. As a result, the brain is a remarkably effective processor of stories, both real and fictional.
    High-quality picture books are a good blend of art and literature that attracts kids' imagination and communicates an idea in an effective way. These books me perfect teaching tools, as they deal with the powerful emotions that kids feel, model effective coping strategies, and present complex concepts in appropriate ways. In addition, according to brain research, the picture book complements words with what leaves the most permanent impression: images. The pictures in books are distinctive from the fleeting images kids see on television in that they remain on the page, ready to be revisited, touched, and commented upon.
    Whether we share stories about families, historical events, or emotions, stories are a way to sum up life's memorable moments and lasting lessons. We can control the power of literature and use it to develop positive character in young kids by reading often, choosing suitable books, and enjoying stories together.

1.[单选题]In comparison with pictures in books, television images
  • A.are frequently commented on
  • B.stay temporarily with children
  • C.blend art and literature vividly
  • D.communicate ideas effectively
2.[单选题]The power of literature can help kids develop their 查看材料
  • A.positive character
  • B.interest in history
  • C.passion for stories
  • D.learning strategies
3.[单选题]According to the text, stories can help kids
  • A.realize their potential
  • B.realize their potential
  • C.concentrate on reading
  • D.understand the human world
4.[单选题]A Bargain for Frances is intended to teach kids how to 查看材料
  • A.Play fair in life
  • B.Play fair in life
  • in conflicts
  • D.write a message
5.[单选题]Elia cried “That' s not fair!" as she thought that she was 查看材料
  • A.cheated by her friend
  • B.defeated by her friend
  • C.ignored by her teacher
  • D.scolded by her teacher
参考答案: B,A,D,A,A