Part B Directions :

Read the texts from a magazine article in which five people talked about fitness tips for men.

For questions 36 -40,match the name of each person to one of the statements {A -G) given be­low. Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.


One of the main differences between a man's and a woman * s body is that men are generally less capable of bending their body than women. You may think it is not important whether your body can bend easily or not, but it is. Stretching your muscles regularly will help you to move more effectively. It can also help you to stay injury-free, relax your muscles and in turn reduce stress.


Doing uninterrupted sessions may make you feel like you are doing the best thing for your body. But no! giving yourself a break between workouts will mean that you will bum out,and do more harm than good. You should be caking a day off from exercising every two to three days as a  minimum ideally. Taking a rest will mean that when you train again you can train harder.


Lots of men fall into (he trap of thinking that in order to be better and achieve more,they have to perform all of their exercises at a super fast pace. Although it’s true for some exercises, for others this is just not the ease. Take weight lifting for example. When lifting slowly, you can increase
the amount of time your muscles are tense for and increase the blood flow.

David :

Some men are terrible for sticking to the same fitness routine f but doing different types of fit-
ness activities means that you work different parts of your body • and by doing this you improve
your core strength and your balance. It is often difficult for most men to try new things. It you don’t want to go into a fitness class on your own, take a friend with you.

Helen :

Women seem to be much better than men at taking a difference approach to fitness. They en-
gage physically and mentally with their fitness programs, which has many health benefits. One is that your stress levels can decrease. And some practices of this approach such as Tai Chi, can improve
prove bone health. To take advantage of these health benefits, find what suits you best from among the many difference Illness techniques that arc out there.

Now match the name of each person (36 -40) to the appropriate statement.

Note: there are two extra statements.





37. Mike



A.Try to diversify your fitness activities.

B.Body and mind should be engaged in exercising.

C.Slow fitness activities fit men belter.

D.Men should take intense sessions frequently.

E.Regular stretching improves body's flexibility.

F.Workout speed depends on what exercise you do.

G.A regular between workout is necessary

            参考答案: B,C,F,E,G