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A Mission to End Career HookupsA)Neil Clark Warren has a bold ambition.He wants “people to have a job they love and a marriage they wouldn’t change for anything”.For the 79-year-old founder and chief executive of dating site eHar-mony now wants to match job hunters with employers.
B)The dating marketplace is crowded.Online dating,once stigmatized(使受耻辱),is now main-sffeam. Eharmony,founded in 2000,today competes with niche sites catering for users from vegetarians to Ayn Rand fans,as well as social media and apps such as Tinder.Though Dr.Warren patently sees his site,which claims to have been responsible for 600,000 marriages,as a cut above those facilitating mere hookups.“Tinder and eHarmony are in two different businesses.Tinder is very superficial;it’s based on looks.’’
C)Dr.Warren wants to broaden eHarmony’s appeal and become a “relationship company”.Not just making love and job matches but also fixing retirees up with advisers and the isolated with friends.He sees loneliness as one of the biggest problems in modem society.Technology,he concedes,is a double-edged sword,both contributing to and combating isolation.
D)But first he is going after the jobs giants,Linkedln and Monster.In December eHarmony’s subsidiary Elevated Careers will launch in the US.Dr.Warren believes there is an untapped market of unfulfilled professionals.“0ver 70 percent of employees identify themselves as not engaged or actively disengaged from theft jobs.We think we Call reduce the amount of turnover and raise the level of productivity for companies by matching candidates with the right job,in the right career,with the right company.’’He insists he can counter the modem career pattern of serial jobs in multiple companies and turn employees monogamous(一夫一妻制).The fallout of those who flit from job to job is far-reaching, he says.His wife’s father, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate,moved jobs 17 times.“That has an impact”, he says.“When a person is unhappy at their job,it affects their home fife,their marriage,their personal relationships,and their relationships with their co-workers.[It has]a negative effect on the productivity of the organisations for which they are working.”So for the past two years he has set social scientists and technology employees to work on the criteria and algorithms(算法)that will help employees and employers find “the one”.The dating site asks sub—scribers to answer about l50 questions to help identify values and personality.So Dr.Warren envisages(设想)a questionnaire to unearth a candidate’s skills,expectation of culture and personality.
E)Few recruiters do well on matching an employee with a company culture,he says,“The majority of the workforce change jobs for reasons directly related to company culture.It is imperative we bring candidates verifiable company-culture data that matches to their core work values so they can find the best possible opportunities to experience a meaningful and emotional connection with their work.’’The details of such data remain secret.Dr.Warren knows about being faithful to one career.He worked as a relationship psychologist for 40 years before setting up eHarmony.Originally from as mall town in Iowa,he went to a school attended by only l7 pupils.He was the only child in his class.“I came both first and last。”he jokes.His father was a “true entrepreneur”who,says Dr.Warren,“owned the town”.
F)Dr:Warren’s brother-in-law took an interest in him as a teenager and encouraged his intellectual curiosity-no one else in his family had been to university.He studied at Princeton Theological Seminary before doing a PhD in clinical psychology at the University of Chica90.His interest in relationships came from his Christian beliefs but also a sense that despite their 70-year marriage,his parents were incompatible.“My father was brilliant,very vital.He liked to talk about big things like the Middle East but my mother couldn’t keep up with him.They didn’t talk about much.”
G)He says the relationship still worked very well for their children:“They never said anything sarcastic to each other。”But his parents’ example instilled in him the belief that a “long marriage is not necessarily a great marriage”.So Dr.Warren set up as a marriage counselor,seeing more than 7,700 people over the decades.The counseling only confirmed his convictions that divorce was due to incompatibility that should have been evident before the wedding.“I thought people had found the wrong person.They had never received any training about who they should meet.”
H)Pre-marital counseling did not seem to work.“I never had one couple cancel their wedding as a re-suit.”He recalls one session in which the man told his fianc6e:‘‘Nothing this mall says will stop me marrying you.”It was this that set him-together with his son-in-law-on the idea of matchmaking online.Dr. Warren had also reached a point in his career when his work had become “samey”.Despite diversifying into writing relationship books and running seminars,he craved stimulation.So in 2000,just before the dotcom bubble burst,the pair managed to raise$2.5m funding.
I)It was difficult to find subscribers at the start,he says,because internet dating was relatively new.The first users tended to be those living in sparsely populated areas so there were a lot of long-distance relationships.But gradually,the California-based site grew.In 2007 he stood down from the privately owned company and moved to Maine with his wife to enjoy their 30-acre grounds.complete with golf course,swimming pool and tennis courts.Despite trying to stay active,he got bored,and,convinced that his company had lost its way,returned as chief executive.
J)During retirement he read a lot of books about comeback kings such as Starbucks’ Howard Schultz and Steve Jobs.He felt “glad to have a chance to run the company as he wanted it”.In doing so he cut his staff from 320 to 190 and says the reorganisation is aligned with his views on job-matching.“We matched people with the fight jobs in our own company.”Can the 79-year-old grandfather keep on working?“I don’t think I'll ever retire.I was bored in retirement.”He hopes,however,that the company’s chief operating officer will take over when that day eventually comes.“He’s a verb and I'm a noun." What does he mean?“I'm more of a visionary and he’s more of a doer。" 
1.[选词填空]Dr.Warren hopes that his chief operating officer would realize what he has envisioned for the company.
    • 解题思路:题干中提到chief operating of-ricer,于是定位到J段最后一句。定位句提到“我在更大程度上是一位梦想家,而他在更大程度上是一位实干者。”题干中的realize是对论述中的doer同义转述。因此选项J正确。
    2.[选词填空]Dr.Warren believes that job dissatisfaction would color every other part of your life with shades of gloom.
      • 解题思路:题干中提到job dissatisfaction定位到D段倒数第四句。定位句提到,如果人们对工作不满,这会影响他们的家庭生活、婚姻、私人关系、与同事的关系……题干中的other part of your life是对论述中的“their home life,their marriage,their person—al relationships,their relationships with theirC0—workers”的同义转述。因此选项D正确。
      3.[选词填空]Online dating is considered much more socially acceptable to meet new great new friends and potential love matches.
        • 解题思路:题干中提online dating,于是定位到8段第一句。定位句提到“曾背负骂名的在线交友正变成主流。”题干中的more socially acceptable是对论述中的mainstream转述。因此选项B正确。
        4.[选词填空]According to Neil Warren,technology helps create and prevent social isolation at the same time.
          • 解题思路:题干中提到technology和isolation,于是定位到C段最后一句。定位句提到“他承认,科技是一把双刃剑,既导致了孤独,也能被用来战胜孤独。”由此可知,科技既导致了孤独,也可战胜孤独。题干中的create and prevent是对论述中的contributing to and combating的同义转述。因此选项C正确。
          5.[选词填空]Employees’ compatibility with the company culture is the main reason of job hopping.
            • 解题思路:题干中提到company culture,于是定位到E段第二句。定位句提到“大多数员工换工作的原因与企业文化直接相关。”即员工与公司文化不协调是更换工作的主要原因。题干中的job hopping是对论述中的change jobs的同义转述。因此选项E正确。
            6.[选词填空]The first users of an online dating service are those living in the remote and sparsely inhabited areas.
              • 解题思路:题干中提到The first users和sparsely,定位到I段第二句。定位句提到“首批用户往往是那些居住在人口稀少地区的人”,题干中的sparsely populated areas是对定位句的sparsely inhabited areas同义转述。因此选项I正确。
              7.[选词填空]If a good match between employers and employees takes place.the turnover rate could be decreased and the level of productivity for companies raised.
                • 解题思路:题干中提到the level of productivity,于是定位到D段第五句。定位句提到.“我们认为,我们可以通过帮助求职者找到合适的工作、合适的职业、乃至合适的公司,来降低企业的流动率并提高生产率。”题干中的decreased是对论述中的reduced同义转述。因此选项D正确。
                8.[选词填空]Dr.Warren’s interest in relationships derived from his religious faith and his parents’ marital status.
                  • 解题思路:题干中提到interest in relationships,于是定位到F段第三句。定位句提到“他对婚恋的兴趣来自于他的基督教信仰,也来自他的人生经历。他的父母尽管结婚70载,但并不相配。”由此可知,Warren对婚恋的兴趣来自于自己的宗教信仰以及父母的婚姻状况。题干中的derived from是对论述中的came from的同义转述。因此选项F正确。
                  9.[选词填空]The dead end of pre-martial counseling gave Dr.Warren the idea of matchmaking online.
                    • 解题思路:题干中提到pre.martial counseling,于是定位到H段第三句。定位句提到“正是这一点让他产生了在线做媒的想法。”上文提到了pre-martial counseling,故婚前咨询的不成功启发了Warren做在线做媒的想法。题干中的gave…the idea of是对论述中的set on的同义转述。因此选项H正确。
                    10.[选词填空]Had people received any training about who their Mr. /Mrs. Right should be,the chances of happy marriage would be greater.
                      • 解题思路:题干中提到any training,于是定位到G段最后两句。定位句提到人们往往找错对象。他们从来没有接受过任何培训,告诉他们应该找什么样的另一半。由此可知,如果人们接受了培训,指导该找什么样的另一半,婚姻幸福的几率就会大得多。题干中的Mr. /Mrs. Right是对论述中的the wrong person的同义转述。因此选项G正确。
                      • 参考答案:J,D,B,C,E,I,D,F,H,G