Let me introduce myself and my school. My name is Jim. I'm twelve. I am a student at Yu Cai Primary School. Look! This is my school. It isn't very big, but it is beautiful. I am in Class Two, Grade Six.

This is my classroom. And this is my English teacher, Mr. Smith. He is from England. He is thirty years old. He teaches very well. This is Susan. She is one of my classmates. She often helps me with Chinese and I usually help her with English. Sometimes, we go swimming in the river near our school at the weekend. We all work very hard every day and have a good time at school.

1.[单选题]What does Jim do?_____________.
  • A.He is a student
  • B. He is a teacher
  • C.He is a doctor
2.[单选题]Mr. Smith comes from________.
  • A.the USA
  • B.the UK
  • C.Canada
3.[单选题]We_______ourselves in our school
  • A.enjoy
  • B.learn
  • C.teach
4.[单选题]I often help Susan learn__________.
  • A.English
  • B.Chinese
  • C.swimming
5.[单选题]Jim's school is________.
  • A.small
  • B.beautiful
  • C. A and B
参考答案: A,B,A,A,C