Part Ⅳ Translation (30 minutes)Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from Chinese into English. You should write your answer on Answer Sheet 2. 农业是中国的一个重要产业,从业者超过3亿。中国农业产量全球第一,主要生产水稻、小麦和豆类。 虽然中国的农业用地仅占世界的百分之十,但为世界百分之二十的人口提供了粮食。中国7700年前开始种植水稻。早在使用机械和化肥之前,勤劳和富有创造性的中国农民就已经采用各种各样的方法来增加农作物产量。中国农业最新的发展是推进有机农业。有机农业可以同时服务于多种目的,包括食品安全、大众健康和可持续发展。


    Agriculture is a ftmdamental industry in China, which involves 300 million farmers. China ranks first in agricultural production worldwide, with rice, wheat and beans being the main crops.
   Although accounting for only 10% of arable land worldwide, China feeds 20% of the world's population. The cultivation of rice in China can date back to 7,700 years ago. Prior to the use of agricultural machinery and chemical fertilizer, hardworking and creative Chinese farmers had begun to adopt various ways to increase crop yields. The latest development of agriculture in China lies in the promotion of organic farming, which can accomplish multiple goals at the same time, such as food safety, public health and sustainable development. 

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