Suppose your dog ran into your neighbor’ s garden this morning and ruined some of the flowers and plants there. Write a letter to your neighbor and tell him or her you are sorry.You should write appropriately 100 words. Do not sign your name at the end of your letter. Use“Wang Ling” instead .

参考答案: July 15, 2001
My Dear Mary,
We are very lucky that we live in such a harmonious neighborhood and every one values it very much . I hope this kind of harmony will last forever. When I got home from work, my little daughter told me that our dog got into your garden this morning and did a great deal of damage. He climbed over the fence around his pen, run wild in your flowerbeds and ruined some plants . We certainly didn’ t expect this would happen. At this moment the fence is being built high, and he will be unable to escape again. I shall send you some plants to replace the ruined ones, hoping that they can somewhat compensate for the loss. Please accept our apologies. I treasure the friendly relationship between us and hope we are always good neighbors.
Yours cordially,Wang Ling
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