You have been entertained by your friend Gao Jie when you stayed in Beijing on vacation.Write a letter to him.Your letter should include:
1) thank him for entertaining you
2) describe your feeling
3) invite him to visit your hometown
You should write approximately 100 words.Do not sign your name at the end of your letter.
Use "Li Ming" instead.You do not need to write the address.

参考答案: Dear Gao Jie,
First of all, please allow me to say "thank you" to you. It is very kind of you to spare your valuable time accompanying and entertaining me during the period of my vacation in Beijing.
That was my first time to visit Beijing, and I was unfamiliar with the city. When I called you, you were so kind to promise to be my tour guide and entertain me there. We went to visit the Tiananmen Square. I will never forget we stood on the Tiananmen Square, watching the flag raising ceremony. Such experiences will be kept in my mind forever. Besides, you invited me to dinner at your house where your parents cooked a fantastic meal for us. I really enjoyed it that day.
Now, I am back at my hometown. I sincerely hope you can visit it someday. You could taste local food and visit many beautiful places here.
Again, special thanks go to all of you.Yours sincerely, Li Ming