Part B

Directions: Read the texts from a magazine in which five women wrote to respond to an article on mother- daughter relationship. For questions 36 —40,match the name of each person to one of the statements (A -G) given below. Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.


As the mother of two girls,I was moved to tears by your article,because it echoed so many of my own feelings. I don,t think I should feel ashamed or that I am failing my child in any way because I feel like this. I think it’s really normal and I love the way you have put into words what so many mums feel at this stage in their lives.


My husband and I both read this article and we think it is moving, thoughtful, and the ending is wonderful. People cannot deny that jealousy is a natural emotion between children and parents. It is wonderful to see someone emotionally mature enough to be so aware of their own feelings. And celebrate them. You have written what I am sure most mothers feel, but are too scared to admit.


There is some form of jealousy between mother and daughter. I remember suspecting that my mother was jealous of me but kept it under wraps. I understood that my mother was not happy with my father and the good relationship between myself and him. The strange thing is years later. My own daughter and her father have a good relationship with each other and I can feel jealousy creeping in...


When I realized my daughter had become a young woman, I was not jealous. At first I felt sad that I had lost my little girl, then I accepted this and rejoiced in her loveliness. I feel protective towards her because it is too natural for young girls to meet men. Offer your child advice on things

like wearing fancy clothes which men do see as charming,and hope that she enjoys her life.


I think that a mature person judges herself based on her own qualities. A loving mother does not compare herself to her children and advertise her unhealthy thoughts to the world in a newspaper. I am surrounded all day at work by hot, smart young undergraduates, many of whom are

hotter and smarter than 1 was at their age. When they succeed socially and academically, I feel happy for them.

Now match the name of each person (36 -40) to the appropriate statement.

Note:there are two extra statements.


[A] You have spoken out the true feelings of mothers like me.

[B] It is helpful for mothers to reveal their hidden feelings.

[C] Emotionally mature mothers understand their daughters.

[D] I understand my mother now,being a mother myself.

[E] You have expressed what most mothers feel but dare not say.

[F] Do your duty as a mother and hope for the best for your daughter.

[G] A mother should not envy her children and make public her improper feelings.

          5.[选词填空]Lucy _____
            参考答案: F,E,G,D,A