Look at the pictures below and write an essay about 120 words, making reference to the following points:1) a description of the pictures2) your comments on this phenomenon

参考答案: The pictures show a strange phenomenon in education. In the first picture, a kindergarten child is learning primary school’s textbooks. In the second picture, he grows up to be a primary school student. However, now he is learning middle school’s textbooks. In the third picture, he’s in middle school but reads college’s books. Finally in the fourth picture he is at college, but now he needs to learn how to be a good person which should relearnt at kindergarten.
This phenomenon is quite common in our society. Parents worry about their children’s future and make them learn as much as possible and often learn advanced knowledge beforehand. However, they often neglect the most important part of education. That is to educate them being a good person in society, and this should be emphasized in the whole process of education.
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